Birthday Money Pays Off, Xbox Support Caves

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Birthday Money Pays Off, Xbox Support Caves

February 9, 2009 · 2 comments

I have had a terribly productive day today. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that way at the time. The other night, two of my sisters wrote me checks for a combined $50 at my belated birthday dinner. I decided to hop over to Wachovia bright and early (as in, 11 or so) to cash them, as I’m completely out of cash, and my checking account has been so overdrawn that to deposit them would be throwing them into a black hole.

And so begins the fun. I’m told right off the bat that they can’t cash the checks due to my account status (chilling at -$182 for quite a while now). Either I’d have to deposit them to make my account slightly more current, or take them straight to the credit union they’re drawn on and try to cash them there (where I also just so happen to be in poor standing, account-wise). I politely inform them that I do indeed want to bring my account back in to good standing, and wanted to take care of that while I was there, as the negativity was due to an erroneous charge. I was then promptly directed to the bank manager who had greeted me on my way in.

I then explained the entire situation to Karen, about how Xbox Live charged my debit card for a subscription renewal when they shouldn’t have, which is what caused the slew of overdraft fees that hammered my checking account into oblivion. After also telling her that yes, I did try to call them before and have it refunded, she immediately pulled over her Rolodex (seriously, but without the rolling), found the appropriate internal Wachovia number for initiating a chargeback, and called them up.

I explained everything over again to the nice gentleman on the phone, and he suggested that the easiest way to resolve this would be for me to call Xbox Live support and ask them to reverse the charge. Apparently Karen and I forgot to tell him that I had tried that already. He went ahead and called them up and transferred the line over to me.

Xbox Live support was as friendly yet unhelpful as before. I was again informed that all that’s showing on my account is the 3 month prepaid card subscription, that trying to refund my $50 would probably annhilate that 3 month prepaid card subscription, and that I should have known that this would happen and it’s all my fault. We went ahead and cancelled the 3 month prepaid card subscription so that my account will definitely expire in March of 2010, and she asked if there was anything else she could help me with.

Me: Uh, yeah, is there a supervisor available that would be able to help me a little bit more?
Her: Help you with what, sir?
Me: With getting a refund for the $50 charge (you know, what I’m calling about in the first place?)
Her: Oh, sir, if you wanted a refund you’d have to talk to your credit card company.
Me: Heh, yeah, well, I’m actually calling you from my bank right now.
Her: Oh, uh… please hold.

A full ten minutes later, bank manager Karen and I both decided that she was just trying to get me to hang up and go away. Remember, kids, I’m standing here in the middle of a bank, on the manager’s phone, talking to Xbox Live support of all people. I felt like I had walked in to the bank just to ask if I could use a phone.

Karen redialed the previous number, got a different person, briefly explained once more the situation, and then handed the phone over to me. After maybe three brief yes or no questions, I was told that my account would be credited $50 for the charge, $175 in overdraft fees, my debit card would be shotgunned and meleed Halo-style, and a new one would come in the mail.

I returned to the teller window, cashed the checks, did a cash advance on my unemployment debit card and deposited that to my account, and changed my address. On the way out, Karen showed me a printout of my account showing that the credits already came through. I thanked her very much, we said our goodbyes, and I left.

I turned two checks for $50 into $275 today without even wanting to. I just wanted to cash the checks and get out of there. I was so pumped after that situation that when I went up to Jonestown to check my mail and found a propane bill in there, I would finally call them and tell them I’ve moved – which I did! As soon as someone gets out there to refill the tank and cap it, I’ll be getting a check in the mail for the amount of propane left in the tank, as well as the security deposit. I can’t wait for that check to come, as it’ll be quite the chunk of change. With how much I remember it hurt me to charge all that on my credit card unexpectedly when I moved in to that apartment over a year ago, I know it’ll be good.

Know what else I did? I also had a statement of benefits from State Farm, telling me that I’m now saving another $1.37 per month for turning 22. I turned right around and called them to inform them of my new address. These are all things that take me weeks if not months to bother accomplishing, but I guess when I get in to a groove, I just keep going.

I even almost answered some debt collector calls today.


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